Strategies for Playing Calm, Poised, Level-Headed Hockey When It Matters Most
  • CONTROL EMOTIONS - The secret to composure is your ability to recognize and control your emotions, rather than letting your emotions control you
  • KNOW WHAT RATTLES YOU - Knowing what rattles you and how to deal with it gives you an advantage over your competitors
  • NO WASTED ENERGY - Focusing on things that are beyond your control is distracting, at best, and can lead to a loss of composure and confidence during the game
All champions who have ascended to top of their sport have done so in part because of composure. Without the ability to stay composed in the face of adversity and obstacles, a player cannot expect to rise to the top of their game. Composure is the ability to stay calm, maintain self-control, and stay focused no matter what’s going on around you.
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