The FOCUSED Player
Strategies to Increase Focus and Bounce Back from Distraction
  • BATTLE DISTRACTIONS - Distractions in hockey are the number one reason for a lack of focus. Distractions can take you off your game and make you weak on the ice
  • PROCESS FOCUS - Process focus is being able to focus on what is happening in the present moment. It is the ability to focus only on relevant thoughts in order to get your mind and body ready for the game
  • HOW TO RE-FOCUS - Learn how to prepare to focus, what to do when you lose focus, and how to make your focus more automatic and natural.
It’s natural to lose focus from time to time. It’s not the distraction that matters as much as how you respond to it. Becoming a Complete Player means being in control of your focus. It means recognizing that you’re going to lose focus now and again, but knowing you have a PLAN for how to handle it.
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