Strategies to Increase Complete Level and Become a Fierce Intense Competitor
  • RAISE COMPETE-LEVEL - Today's players are judged as much on their compete level, as they are on their skating, stickhandling, and hockey sense
  • BRIDGE GAP - If you are a relentless competitor, you can knock even the most skilled player off of their game. As a relentless competitor, you make your opponent earn everything they get
  • STAND OUT - Being competitive helps you stand out and gives you an advantage over others
When you watch a hockey game, you can almost immediately identify the most talented and skilled players on the ice. Their skill and natural talent stand out among the rest. As much as we would all like to be that standout player, it stands to reason that we won’t always be the most talented player on the team. So, if you’re not the player with the most talent, how do you stand out anyway? - By being a FIERCE and, RELENTLESS competitor.
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