Strategies for Keeping Fear, Doubt, and Anxiety Out of Your Game
  • GAME ANXIETY - Too much anxiety can impact a player’s ability to perform by affecting focus, muscle movement and ability to bounce back after setbacks
  • FEAR OF FAILURE - Fear of failure and anxiety around results can paralyze a player’s development and performance
  • PERFECTIONIST TRAP - How to recognize fearful thoughts and behaviors that arise out of trying to avoid mistakes and trying to play perfect
Every player has experienced anxiety, doubt, and fear at one time or another. How you deal with these doubts and fears will be the difference between being a good player and becoming a great player. If you play with a strategy of trying to avoid mistakes, or embarrassing yourself, or letting others down, you can never become the player you are capable of becoming. Becoming a fearless player means recognizing fear, anxiety, and doubt and keeping it from derailing your game.
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