Strategies for Meeting and Exceeding Player Potential Through Goal-Setting
  • GOAL OPPORTUNITY - Knowing what you want is one thing. Being able to make the decisions necessary to reach your goals is what will bring you success as a player
  • GOAL DIRECTION - Goals give direction and meaning to your training and development. It provides a purpose for all of the effort you put in to be able to play at an elite level
  • GOAL INTENSITY - Goals allow you to focus on what it takes to perform and not on wondering what to do next
What kind of hockey player do you want to be? Why do you play the game? What would you like to accomplish a player? When people talk about the kind of player you are, what do you want them to say about you? To be a Complete Player you need to go on a mission. You need to know what you want so you can create a mission on how to accomplish it. When you go on a mission, you’re create a determination and commitment to your goal setting that propels you forward.
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