Practical Strategies to Help Support and Guide Your Kid in Hockey
  • HOCKEY PRESSURE COOKER - There is no question that kids are under tremendous pressure to excel in sports. Whether for themselves, their team, their coach, or their parents, player confidence and performance can swing like the tides depending on the support and approval players get from parents, coaches and peers.
  • MAKING IT ALL WORTH IT - The pressure to succeed, to make parents proud, to gain the admiration of teammates, and to justify the time and expense of playing hockey can be overwhelming. What others think, what they say, or how a player thinks he or she looks when they play are all common sources of pressure that players experience
According to a popular study, more than 70% of all young hockey players will drop out of hockey by the time they are 13
Parents want their kids to be successful. They know that success builds confidence and when a player is having fun, they’ll play better, learn more, have more success on and off the ice. By providing perspective, insight, and positive feedback, parents have a profound and positive influence on their kids.
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